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Price Hikes on Solar Panel Components Have Resulted in Increased Prices for Solar Panels

The Covid-19 lockdowns significantly decreased the production of some of the key components that go into a solar panel. Aluminium, polysilicon, and solar glass have been hit hard by price increases due to low productions. The sharp increase in raw material prices has made it difficult to be absorbed by the manufacturers in the production process. All Australian solar retailers now expect that rising costs will be reflected in the prices of residential and commercial solar systems.

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MAXEON 5 – 415W 

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MAXEON 3 – 400W

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Suntech 370w
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Intelligent Energy Hub
Leading the Home Solar Movement in Adelaide

Intelligent Energy Hub is proud to deliver unparalleled standards and services to South Australian families. Having installed more than 27,000 solar energy systems, we are one of the leading solar installers in Adelaide. We provide homeowners in Adelaide with Australia’s most efficient solar panels, from a range of brands like SunPower, Maxeon, Astra Solar and Energizer (we are the exclusive dealers for Energizer solar panels in Adelaide). We offer the best value for money, premium quality, and eco-efficient solar systems.

We strive to bring you intelligent solar, battery, air conditioning, and hot water heat pump systems specifically engineered to your home’s size and energy use. Our team will work with your family’s energy consumption and budget to provide you with the best intelligent energy system. We are the agent for change, offering a complete range of intelligent energy systems in South Australia, a state recognised as a leader in clean, renewable energy.

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As we search for strategies to save our blue planet, we look to the sky. The sun’s unlimited energy can now be harnessed in an affordable, sustainable, and easily managed way.


Intelligent Energy Hub will help you make the switch. South Australia is the epicentre of change. Every home has a role to play. High sunshine hours along with high energy prices make this state a clear winner for domestic solar. System payback times are quicker while generous subsidies make this option work best in SA. Buy Solar panels today, fill the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme promotes investment in renewable energy by offering financial incentives for people to install solar panels. You may be eligible for Solar rebate from the Australian government in the form of STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificate). With Sharpe, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best deals in Solar panels across Adelaide. Please click the link below to let us help you secure the best price for Solar Panels.