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sonnenBatterie Evo

Built for the great outdoors

A system that can endure the climate and longevity of your external surroundings and changing energy requirements. German designed and engineered to store solar energy to power your home in the day, or night.

Your future deserves a long-lasting and safe solution that will power the heart of your home and deliver you peace of mind.

Enjoy clean and affordable energy day or night

The sonnenBatterie Evo is an innovative, fully integrated AC coupled storage system that has an IP56 outdoor rating and complies with the AS/NZS 5139 standard for outdoor or indoor installations. Available in Australia from early 2022.

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sonnenBatterie Evo 10kWh

German designed and engineered, this is the first storage system that contains a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery module that was customised by sonnen. It has 10kWh of usable storage capacity and it is made up of two fully usable 5.0kWh battery modules.

sonnen has optimised the performance of the sonnenBatterie Evo by creating a proprietary intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) and sonnenInverter. The sonnenBatterie Evo includes backup power that will support households when the grid is not functioning.

Use renewable and affordable energy with a solar battery

The sonnenBatterie protects you from rising electricity prices and provides you with energy independence. Use cleaner energy generated from your rooftop solar system and store it in your home battery day or night. Our German designed and engineered batteries are backed by a local technical support and customer service team.

Backup power

Keep more lighting and appliances powered at home during a blackout with backup power included for a 5kW continuous and 7kW surge capacity.

Optimised for performance

Comes with a proprietary intelligent Battery Management System and sonnenInverter fully developed by sonnen to support demand response programs and Virtual Power Plants.

Quality backed by industry's leading warranty

The sonnenBatterie Evo is backed with a 10 year or 10,000 charge cycle warranty on all components. We offer local service, sales and support right here in Australia.

What’s inside the sonnenBatterie Evo

Worry Free – everything comes in one box

The harsh and unpredictably hot summer weather, rainy seasons and floods that have become increasingly common in Australia and New Zealand making backup power a critical feature for homeowners with rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar systems and home batteries.

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All comes in one box!

With the sonnenBatterie Evo, backup power has been included with 5kW continuous and 7kW surge capacity. This provides power to run more circuits in a backup mode to cover more lighting and essential appliances in a home in the event of a blackout.

The battery comes with a Black Start function that can ‘wake’ up an AC coupled PV system even when the grid is down. A sonnenBatterie can utilise the energy from the directly connected solar system to ensure households have power even when the grid is down.

This is how sonnenBatterie can get you $0 Energy Bills

Typically, this is what the electricity used for a four-person household looks like over the course of the day. Electricity consumption is usually high in the morning, while it drops off at the midday when people go to work. In the evening, power consumption increases again when families return back home, while solar produces the electricity ONLY during the day when most of the people are at work and don’t use it. Think about it! That is why people with solar still pay high energy bills. What is the missing energy puzzle piece you might ask? Well.. you will know the answer very soon!

It all changes when you add a battery, that can be charged by your solar panels during the day when the sun is shining and you are not at home to use all the electricity. What is more important, the battery stores the power for your later use. For example, for evening time when you are back from work and your solar NO longer produces any electricity, a battery will provide essential power needed for your home. This increases the usefulness of the energy your solar generates, and might save you up to 100% on your energy bills. How does that sound to you?  

Most of our customers drop their energy bills by 90% without increasing their family monthly spend. Come and talk to our highly professional experts and engineers to find out how.

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Product Specifications


Take control of your energy usage and avoid nasty bill shocks

As a sonnenBatterie owner, you can join sonnen’s virtual power plant (VPP). This is where their battery is connected to hundreds of other home battery storage systems to make one powerful source of energy and to provide grid stability in times of need.

sonnenBatterie Evo owners will get access to an updated my sonnen App and customer portal offering an improved customer experience to monitor and manage their home battery.

sonnen has created special energy offers to help you get the most out of your investment in a sonnenBatterie. Choose to receive a fixed monthly energy bill or be rewarded for helping to stabilise the electricity grid.


Share you energy with other sonnenBatterie owners in the sonnenCommunity.

It allows households that have rooftop solar and a sonnenBatterie to move away from traditional electricity retailers to participate in the sonnenCommunity. As a member of the sonnenCommunity, you help to stabilise the grid by being part of sonnen’s virtual power plant and to keep the lights on for everyone.

There are no lock in contracts or contract terms and you will continue to receive a solar feed-in rate for energy exported above the annual export threshold. Network supply charges are covered in the sonnenFlat monthly rate and excess usage charges apply.


For homeowners in the National Electricity Market who want to have it all.

Stay with your energy retailer and continue to receive a feed-in tariff for your contribution to the grid. In addition, sonnen provides a daily reward for customers when customers help to rescue the grid. Eligible customers will receive a $100 sign-up bonus.

sonnenConnect lets you earn up to $24 each month  if you have a sonnenBatterie with a 4kWh capacity or greater. To be eligible, you are not sonnenFlat and your current energy plan is not part of a Virtual Power Plant. Your sonnenBatterie must be connected to the National Electricity Market (ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS or VIC) and it is owned or operated by the homeowner or business.

Let us assist you to choose the best battery for your family.

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