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Split_ActronAir Serene Series 2
Australian Designed Built Rev


Premium split comfort for Australian homes

Serene Series 2


With its sleek form and clever features, ActronAir Split Serene will keep your home warm and cosy in winter, cool and fresh in summer and stylish all year round. It’s perfect for apartments, living areas or single rooms and with the greatest temperature operating range on the market, you can take comfort that the ActronAir split Serene single split air conditioner will be there for you in those sizzling heat waves, or Arctic cold snaps.


Indoor Features

Designed to suit your décor

With a modern light gloss finish and discrete tight lines, Serene’s premium and contemporary styling is sure to complement all décors.

Easy reading

A concealed LED display provides easy to read temperature settings when you need it, and a clean uncluttered finish when you don’t.

Set and forget

Serene allows for the timer to be set in half hour increments. Adjust the timing of your comfort to automatically turn the system off or on to conveniently suit your needs and maximise energy savings.

Actron Air SS2

Sprint Activation

This innovative feature means ActronAir split Serene air conditioners can get you comfortable quickly. When activated, the compressor achieves its maximum frequency quickly, reaching 65hz within 6 seconds from start up and allowing the ActronAir split Serene to deliver conditioned air within 40 seconds. 

3D Airflow

3D Airflow provides total comfort coverage, ensuring that airflow is distributed evenly throughout the room for more complete comfort. 

R32 for Efficient Energy Performance

ActronAir Serene single split air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant – a gas that offers a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) – reducing its impact on our environment. 

Combining stylish design with an easy to use interface 

The ActronAir serene wall hung split system is covered by a single 5 year warranty

ActronAir Split Airconditioner Controls

RC-02. Better control in your hand

Serene comes with an all-new controller that features a large screen and buttons, all in easy to read ‘plain English’, for more logical and legible daily use.

WC-02. Better control on the wall (Optional)

The WC-02 wired wall controller features a large screen and buttons, all in easy to read ‘plain English’, for more logical and legible daily use.


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