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Virtual Power Plant

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is created by a network of home solar panels and battery storage systems all working together to generate, store and feed energy back into the grid. Energy from the home solar panels and battery systems mainly provide electricity for the house on which it’s installed. However, energy generated or stored by the system can also be used to provide essential grid services. Virtual Power Plant provider can aggregate your system with others and coordinate these services as a VPP to help power the rest of the state and therefore benefit the wider community – including your friends and family.

Everyone benefits

During a VPP event, the operator may discharge (sell) some of the electricity in your battery and/or charge your battery (buying electricity from the grid). Some operators may use your solar and battery system to provide grid stability services by discharging and/or charging the batteries for shorter periods at rapid speed to raise or lower the frequency of electricity in the grid. Either way, the VPP operator will seek to generate revenue from trading electricity on the National Electricity Market, and reward you and the other households enrolled in the VPP for your participation.

VPP Providers

VPP operators offer a range of financial incentives and other benefits to households in return for joining a VPP. These incentives can include discounted solar and battery systems or lease-to-own plans, reward payments, low electricity tariffs, back-up protection, and credits on your electricity bill each time your battery is used by the operator during a VPP event.

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Simply Energy offers customers a daily VPP access credit payment in return for joining your battery with the Simply Energy VPP. Simply’s “Large Battery Offer” offers up to $2,550 in VPP access credits paid at up to $7 per day over 12 months, and is eligible for Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and Eguana Technologies batteries purchased through specified installers.

Simply’s “Smaller Battery Offer” offers up to $1,275 in VPP access credits paid at up to $7 per day over 6 months, and is eligible for sonnen and Varta batteries purchased through specified installers.

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sonnen offers two VPPs for sonnenBatterie owners to choose from – sonnenFlat and sonnenConnect.

sonnenFlat provides four flat fee monthly electricity plans to choose from by signing up to sonnen as their electricity retailer. Plans range from $49 to $69 per month. Plans can be selected based on the customer’s installed solar and battery sizes and the annual household usage allowance they require. The customer must produce the minimum annual solar generation quantity outlined in the plan over a 12 month period or the usage allowance is adjusted.

sonnenConnect provides customers the option to join a sonnen VPP while keeping their existing electricity retailer and any feed-in tariffs they may receive. South Australian customers joining sonnenConnect are eligible for a $100 sign up bonus, and a daily reward every day their system is available online and stores clean energy (up to $24 monthly).


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South Australians can save on the price of Tesla Powerwall when signing up to the Tesla Energy Plan. Customers can join the Tesla Energy Plan with a Tesla Powerwall and receive flexible and competitive time of use rates, grid support credits and a generous feed-in tariff.

When connected to the Tesla Energy Plan, Tesla’s software monitors and manages your Powerwall to deliver benefits to you.

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