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Don't pay for your electricity after 4pm

Don't pay for your electricity after 4pm

FREE energy even when sun goes down

FREE energy even when sun goes down

A complete solar ecosystem from a brand you can trust

Save FREE solar energy for your evening use

Best Prices till Date. Hurry! For May 2022 ONLY!

Approx. 6.7 years Pay Back

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Can be installed outside!

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The Energizer Homepower is backed up with a 10 year warranty.

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The safest Cell Technology in the market.

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Powers your home even in the event of a blackout .

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The base unit size of 6.1kWh can be expanded up to 24.4kWh.

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Operating since 1896, providing you with durable long lasting batteries.

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Coupled with cutting-edge technology. Available in Black and White.

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24 x 7 energy management through the Energizer Homepower App.

Best Prices till Date. Hurry! For May 2022 ONLY!

Approx. 6.7 years Pay Back

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Did you know…?

The Best in Energizer Homepower Battery becomes even more powerful when you pair it with the most reliable Solar Panels in the market – Energizer Solar 
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Multi-Busbar Technology

Energizer gives you higher light absorption and lower risk of microcracks.

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Designed for a better aesthetic appearance and building integration

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Innovational Half-Cut Technology

That works even in partial shade, giving you higher reliability

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High energy efficiency

Super Perc + Cell Technology makes for higher module as well as efficiency, and lower power degradation

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Lower operating temperatures

Low operating temperatures and coefficients increases performance.

Energizer Solar Inverter

Converting clean energy to power your home


The Energizer® Force Series inverters are single phase, with DUAL-MPPT trackers. With a lightweight and compact design, they are precision-engineered to provide maximum performance, efficiency, and longevity. The Force Series power options range from 3kW to 6kW.

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How do Batteries work?

Solar Panels generate energy only during the day when the Sun is shining. All electricity produced by them must be used in real-time. The excess or unused energy produced during daylight hours can be sold to the grid using feed-in tariffs (FIT). However, recent changes meant massive decrease in FIT, making it not profitable for you to sell, as you get compensated next to nothing (approx. 8 cents). Then when you need electricity when the Sun goes down, you end up buying the electricity from the grid at super high rates (up to 40 cents).  

These recent changes to FIT mean you benefit the Electrical company, not yourself.

If the energy generated by your Solar during the day is not saved for use later all your energy needs after 5pm must be met by buying electricity from the grid. Also, since the sun doesn’t shine all the time, even in summer, you’re never going to be able to generate enough to save significant money from having solar alone.

That’s where a battery comes into play. 

A battery is an energy storage system that stores excess of your FREE electricity from solar panels, so that any electricity that isn’t used immediately is stored for later use, when the sun is not active enough for your solar (approx. after 5pm in summer and 4pm in winter). By storing excess energy and making sure you always have access to your FREE electricity at the evening you save money.  

Your battery allows you to use your solar panels as effectively as possible. In fact, the right battery can help you to intelligently utilise your FREE solar energy your panels produce – from around 25% to as much as 80% (for an average solar home) – and dramatically reduce your energy bills.  Saves you big money from buying electricity from the grid at high rates after 3 pm. 

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Is it true that I can expect up to 116% Return on Investment if I buy Solar + Battery?
How long does a Solar Battery last?

Solar batteries carry guarantees for the number of cycles they will deliver or min 10 years.

On average the battery lasts for 25 years with a very limited decrease in productively drop. A cycle is defined as the number of complete discharges (using the battery until its store of electricity is empty) followed by a full recharge. A solar battery is most likely to be partially discharged then recharged, rather than get fully discharged each time. The range of lifetimes for leading solar batteries varies significantly but will be between 2,000-10,000 cycles, or around 18+ years approx.

What are my Finance Options?

We offer $0 upfront payment option. We also offer Government Assisted Green Loans (cefc), offered at lower Interest Rates & lower fees than traditional loans, to buy energy efficient systems for Australia. Unlike most other finance, Green Loans come with specific options and Government determined subsidies and incentives. It is important to understand your home options and identify the Green Loan that will work for you. We will guide you through the maze of processes and help you get the best finance option for your intelligent energy efficient systems to save you thousands. Talk to our experts today!