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With Handypay Green Loans, you can borrow up to $30,000 for energy efficient products such as solar, solar hot water, batteries, or more. The Handypay 0% interest payment plan provides you the opportunity to be sustainable today and pay back tomorrow, over time. Loan terms on the Handypay Green Loan vary from 2 to 7 years.


As a humm90 partner, we provide you with access to exclusive Long Term Interest Free finance that gives you 0% Interest on Fixed Instalment Plans for up to 60 months to pay off your purchase. It’s easy to apply online and takes only a few minutes.

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Energy Ease is a leading Australian payment option provider for energy efficiency equipment, having funded over 7,000 projects thus far. They help gain easy access to energy saving equipment with no upfront investment and instant pre-approval on payment plans. They are associated with some of Australia’s biggest names in energy efficient equipment.

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A green loan experience that’s as simple as it is quick. Get your rate in a couple of minutes and your funds 24 hours from approval. AfterPay have funded more than $175 million on green loans to help Australians with dreams of a more sustainable, energy efficient futures. Learn More

We will guide you through the maze of processes and help you get the best finance option for your intelligent energy efficient systems to save you thousands.

We are here to walk you through all steps required to get you the best finance offer for your intelligent electric home upgrades, new systems, emergencies and repairs

Buying a Solar System, Battery Storage or Hot Water System? But unable to find the thousands of dollars for the upfront? Energy Hub provides a variety of Finance Options to help you payoff your system with the lowest interest rate possible.

Option 1: Adding to your home mortgage

You might be attracted with the low interest rates but if you are slow to payoff your mortgage, you might end up paying more for your system. So this option is ideal only for the people who has the financial discipline to payoff as early as possible. Better to get a personal financial advice before opting this option.

Option 2: Green Loans

A green loan is simply a type of personal loan. The more important question is: what is a green loan for? Well, it can be used to fund the purchase and installation of approved clean energy products. You might have also heard it is called green financing, solar financing or a renewable loan. Whatever you call it, it’s a win, win kind of loan – helping you lower your energy bills while doing your bit for the planet.

Green loans are often offered at a lower interest rate than traditional loans, making it easier for you to play your part in a more sustainable future.

But, like most kinds of finance, green loans come in a few different shapes and sizes. It’s important that you understand your options so you can pick a green loan that works for you.

In most cases, Green Loans are the best option for most people with a good credit score. Generally, green loans have low interest rates and minimum fees compared to personal loans.


Take advantage of Government Assisted (cefc) Green Loans, offered at lower Interest Rates & lower fees than traditional loans, to buy energy efficient systems for Australia. Unlike most other finance, Green Loans come with specific options and Government determined subsidies and incentives. It is important to understand your home options and identify the Green Loan that will work for you.

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