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The all-in-one home energy storage solution.
Energizer Homepower
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Energizer Homepower 6.1kWh – 24.4kWh

Make the ideal choice for residential energy storage.

Energizer Homepower HP-6 Series has been engineered to change the way you utilise your solar energy. Energizer Homepower battery allows you to save excess energy from your solar system to utilize whenever you need it the most. Take full advantage of the battery as you can maximise your savings by choosing to charge off the grid when electricity prices are down and discharge when prices increase. It provides you with long lasting power, as it will continue to power your Adelaide home even in the event of a blackout.

The All-In-One home energy storage solution

Energizer Homepower is an intelligent All-In-One battery energy storage system and a reliable energy storage solution. This AC coupled home battery allows you to maximise your return on investment by utilising the generated power for your home usage. The Virtual power plant lets you exchange the power you get from your self storage system and turn your Adelaide home into a small energy retailer.



Compact All-In-One



Built-in Blackout protection (UPS)



Reliability 3.6kW charge/discharge rate

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Built-in intelligence at your fingertips

The Energizer Homepower Software allows you to control your energy usage and solar production from anywhere around the world. Become more energy independent and make important lifestyle or financial decisions in real-time, anytime.

Energizer Homepower for long lasting
Energizer is a brand you can trust as it has been operating since 1896 and they provide people with durable long lasting batteries. The Energizer Homepower is backed up with a 10 year warranty.

Expandable to meet your evolving needs

Energizer Homepower’s modular design allows you to add up to an additional three Sub units with a maximum total capacity of 24.4 kWh.

6.1 kWh

Main Unit

12.2 kWh

Main Unit + 1 Sub

18.3 kWh

Main Unit + 2 Subs

24.4 kWh

Main Unit + 3 Subs

09 Sub Unit Onyx Black
09 Sub Unit Onyx Black
09 Sub Unit Onyx Black
01 Main Unit Onyx Black

Product Specifications

Energizer Homepower

Main Unit

Sub Unit

01 Main Unit Onyx Black
Nominal AC Voltage 230V
AC Input Voltage Range 180V-265V
Max AC Output Current 16A
Rated AC Power (Grid) 3600W
Rated AC Power (Backup) 3600W
Max Charge / Discharge Power 3600W
Output Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor Nominal Range 0.8 lead to 0.8 lag
AC Overvoltage Category III
Max Inverter Efficiency 94%
DRED Device Support DRM 0-8
Cooling Method Natural Convection
Nominal AC Voltage 51.2V
Battery Energy 6.14kWh
Max Cont’ Charge Current 71A DC
Max Cont’ Discharge Current 71A DC
Battery Chemistry LifePO4
Rated Capacity 120Ah
Cell Type Prismatic
Cycle Life 10,000
DOD (Depth of Discharge) 95%
Protective Class I
DC Overvoltage Category II
Circuit Protection Integrated 80A Magnetic / Thermal Trip Protection
Max DC Voltage 58.4V
Short Circuit Current 8500A
Ambient Temperature Charge: 0°C to 45°C / Discharge: -20°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 95%
Ingress Protection IP65
Maximum Altitude 2,000m
Dimensions 1244mm H x 420mm W x 183mm D
Case Material Steel / Aluminium
Mounting Method Wall Mounted
Net Weight 98.5kg
Internet Connection Cellular / WiFi / Ethernet
Customer Access Web Portal / iOS App / Android App / LCD Panel
Installer Access Installer App with direct connection via Bluetooth
Technician Access LCD Touchscreen Control Panel / Remote Access
Battery & BMS IEC 62619:2017
Transport UN 38.3
UPS AS 62040.1:2019
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC 61000-2/-3
Grid Compliance AS/NZS 4777.2:2015
Lifespan 10 Years
Cycle Life 10,000

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