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Underfloor Heating

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Greater comfort with luxurious European underfloor heating

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Electric Under-Tile heating:
Warm the soles of your feet

Designed to deliver greater comfort and a luxurious experience, these under tile heating mats provide a comfortable warmth under-foot quickly and efficiently. The programmable controller automatically adjusts to ensure that the floors are at the temperature you set at the time you want. Mould can be a common problem in bathrooms, especially in the shower where water is often left on the floor. The in-shower under-tile heating mat can help to prevent mould through heating the shower floor and drying the area quickly.

The mats are available in two styles – the first is designed for under tile installation (the under floor heating system – FTM) and the second type is the in-shower under tile heating mat, which is designed for installation in showers (FTB).

The mats are available in a number of sizes to suit a variety of room sizes or shower sizes. 

No More Arctic Floor Expeditions

Tiles and polished concrete are cold on the feet. This is great in the summer, but not so great in the winter. The grim permafrost of winter bathrooms means no matter how hard you crank a heat lamp or wall heater; the floor remains a solid block of ice.

A More Efficient Way to Winter

A heat lamp or wall heater is a long way from the floor. It’s all the way up there, desperately throwing heat energy down. You end up with slightly dryer shoulders and a chill seeping through the bathroom mat. This old way is not really logical, efficient or even comfortable.

Under Tile Heating Changes Everything

With Under Tile Heating, the bathroom floor becomes the heater. A network of Under Tile elements evenly distribute heat smoothly into your tiles. You stand directly on the source of warmth. Goodbye winter ice sprint, hello to a bathroom experience you can enjoy in winter.

Benefits for your home

*Based on under tile heating pack (3m2 ) operating for 1 hour per day at energy tariff of 30 cents per kWh

ftm install screenshot 02
ftb shower heating mat
rtf tc website e1639976951159

Protect Against Mould ↑

Under Tile Heating extends under the shower space. Once-were-wet-areas, now dry faster, which is both intense luxury and a huge practical bonus. You have a new secret weapon in the endless fight against bathroom mould and have levelled up to showering in Versace level of comfort. The FTB in-shower heating mats can be optionally added to your under tile heating pack.

rtf tc website e1639976951159

← Leave Cold Feet at the Door: RTF-TC Controller

The programmable controller automatically adjusts to ensure that the floors are at the temperature you set at the time you want. You can walk slowly into the coldest winter mornings with warm and temperature-confident toes! The RTF-TC controller is included with every STIEBEL ELTRON under tile heating pack.

UTH HeatMap Pre UTH HeatMap Post

With Under Tile Heating you get a floor to ceiling, room-wide, full-body-felt ambience, that all begins with toasty warm feet.

This is your new warm foundation.

Drag the above image left and right.

Although this energy input works out to be almost equivalent to a heat lamp, Under Tile Heating has a much higher overall efficiency and effect. Translating to far greater warmth for your dollar.

Let us assist you to choose the best Underfloor Heating System for your family.