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Suntech 370w

Create Sustainable and Efficient Green Energy

Astronergy modules are purpose built to optimally adapt to living and sun conditions, regardless of where in Australia you live or work. From bright, sunny days to the most extreme environments, our solar products deliver energy to power your home or business.

Take control of your cash and achieve energy independence with a sustainable, eco-friendly solar solution.

Not your average solar panel

Astronergy stepped into Australian’s solar businesses since 2009, with the help of the local distributors. To amplify the business a bit more, the company set up its own distributors in Australia in 2017 and aided the partnership with a local developer in South Australia to create a massive-scale solar farm.

Product Warranty

Astronergy solar panel modules come with 15-year Warranty for Materials and Processing and 25-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output (1st year ≤ 0.3%, 2nd~25th years ≤ 0.55% / year).

Astronergy has been listed as a Tier 1 solar module provider for consecutive years by Bloomberg.

Astronergy has secured a lot of accolades, including the awards for the world’s first LeTID certification issued by TUV Rhine of Germany and the highest AAA level of operation and maintenance in the solar industry. Not to mention that the latest 2020 PV module scorecard, led by PVEL, an independent solar panel testing organisation (which was a part of DNVGL, a Norwegian organisation), cited the Astronergy as the top performer for making their solar panels unique and reliable.




Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance to ensure power output.



Better shading tolerance, higher reliability.



Higher light absorption, lower risk of microcrack.



Higher module power and module efficiency, lower power degradation.


STC Rated output (Pmpp) 360 Wp 365 Wp 370 Wp 375 Wp 380 Wp
Rated voltage (Vmpp) at STC 33.49 V 33.73 V 33.98 V 34.28 V 34.51 V
Rated current (lmpp) at STC 10.75 A 10.82 A 10.89 A 10.94 A 11.01 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) at STC 40.14 V 40.41 V 40.75 V 41.05 V 41.34 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 11.21 A 11.29 A 11.35 A 11.42 A 11.49 A
Module Efficiency 19.8 % 20.0 % 20.3 % 20.6 % 20.9 %
Rated output (Pmpp) at NMOT 268.5 Wp 272.2 Wp 275.9 Wp 279.6 Wp 283.4 Wp
Rated voltage (Vmpp) at NMOT 31.22 V 31.45 V 31.68 V 31.96 V 32.18 V
Rated current (Impp) at NMOT 8.60 A 8.65 A 8.71 A 8.75 A 8.81 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) at NMOT 37.74 V 37.99 V 38.31 V 38.59 V 38.87 V
Short circuit current (Isc) at NMOT 9.02 A 9.08 A 9.13 A 9.19 A 9.24 A
Temperature coefficient (Pmpp) – 0.34%/°C
Temperature coefficient (Isc) +0.035%/°C
Temperature coefficient (Voc) – 0.27%/°C
Nominal module operating temperature (NMOT) 41±2°C
Maximum system voltage (IEC/UL) 1500VDC
Number of diodes 3
Junction box IP rating IP 68
Maximum series fuse rating 20 A
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) 1755x1038x30mm
Frame technology Aluminum, silver or black anodized
Front glass thickness 3.2mm
Cable length (IEC/UL) Portrait: 300 mm Landscape: 1200 mm
Cable diameter (IEC/UL) 4 mm² / 12 AWG
Maximum mechanical test load 5400 Pa (front) / 2400 Pa (back)
Fire performance (IEC/UL) Class C (IEC) or Type 4 (UL)
Connector type (IEC/UL) HCB40 / MC4-EVO2

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